Lady Prelox Review

Lady Prelox 

 Does The Latest ‘Female Viagra’ Actually Work

The UK media is full today of reports about the latest female sexual enhancement supplement to be released onto the market place…. called LadyPrint Prelox it is the female version of Prelox for men which has an estimated sales value of £10million across Europe.

Lady Prelox has been dubbed the female viagra after tests showed that when taken by women aged between 37 and 55 that it increased their sexual function and desire after 8 weeks.

French manufacturers Pharma Nord tell us that the main ingredient – called Pycnogenol ( which is an extract from french pine bark) helps to improve reduced blood flow to the genital area, this in tune heightens sexual response.

Studies carried out in Italy concluded that the pill ‘significantly improves sexual function’

The studies and the product launch has met with mixed reactions from the medical world..

Dr Graham Jackson, the chairman of the sexual advice association and an eminent cardiologist at Guys hospital believes that the circulation theory could be correct.

Another expert gynaecologist Andy Heeps is not so sure… unlike men, he tells us who can suffer the effects of reduced circulation which has a direct effect on erection quality, in women, sexual dysfunction is far more complex with both physical and emotional factors causing the problem.

So Does Lady Prelox Work

lady-prelox-3The jury is still out as far as we are concerned… the trials in Italy only involved around 40 women…not really enough to get a full and wide reaching view of the results across all women. the concept however is a good one and the formula does contain a few prove ingredients including L-Arginine and L-Citrulline that are known to boost blood flow.

Where To Buy Lady Prelox

In the UK women can now buy Lady Prelox direct from the official website.

A box containing 60 tablets ( a months supply costs £37.95)

 Click Here To Buy Lady Prelox From The Official website

Our Final Thoughts

On paper, Lady Prelox does seem to offer an answer to women suffering with low libido or poor sexual response.

That said, you need to take it daily for at least 2 months so achieve full results, so its quite an investment ( just under £80) for something that may not work 411pSNPFVvL._AC_UL320_SR214,320_for everybody.

We feel that another product could serve most women better and whats more, its not a pill and it doesn’t need to be taken daily….

Hersolution Gel is a topically applied natural enhancement gel that has been shown to increase blood flow and sexual response within a few minutes of application.. it does not need to be taken daily, simply use whenever the need arises.

Available worldwide, Hersolution Gel is proven to work and also comes with a cash back guarantee that gives you a full refund if dissatisfied  – something that you don’t get from Holland And Barrett.

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