Lybridos Review

Will Lybridos Live Up To The Hype

Featured in many main stream newspapers and TV shows is a new product being developed by USA/Netherland based company Emotional Brain.

The product – called Lybridos is being touted as the new ‘Viagra’ for women, it is planned to work in two ways; to provide a small boost to testosterone levelslybrido-viagrafemenina that will will help boost sexual desire and also deliver ingredients similar to those in viagra that will boost blood flow to the genitals, providing increased response and sensation.

It is hoped at this drug will be available to all by 2016.

With around 30% of all women suffering from reduced libido for varying reasons, the market for this product could be huge..

How Does Lybridos Work

Lybridos is said to stimulate the body and mind, it differs to the male pill Viagra which provides a physical erection for men who have problems in that area. Lybridos will (it is claimed) help to stimulate the areas of the brain that trigger sexual response.

When taken, the drug helps to increase the levels of dopamine – one of our ‘feel good hormones’ – responsible for our moods, pleasure and attraction.

Each tablet has a mint flavoured coating that contains a small amount of the sex hormone testosterone. This dissolves quickly in the mouth to get the hormone quickly into the blood stream, once the mint taste has dispersed, the tablet is swallowed, delivering the main ingredients into the body.

Lybridos does not use the same ingredients as male viagra, instead it uses Buspirone – an anti depressant drug usually used to elevate mood. This combined with testosterone will, the makers believe, provide a winning combination of body and mind stimulation

Will Lybridos Work

lybridos_zenska_viagraThe jury is definitely out for this one, experts are not yet convinced, the recent and rather spectacular failure of fliberansin (aka Pink Viagra) to deliver on its promises after billions of $ were spent on its development is still very much in the mind

When Will Lybridos Be Available

The makers are hoping that subject to approvals and further testing that the drug should be available sometimes in 2016. It will most likely be available under prescription from your doctor

What Can I Buy Now

There are some rather good 100% natural products that are safe, and proven to be highly effective and readily available to buy now without prescription or a doctors consultation

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