Seductively French Body Lotion

Set The Mood With A Luxury Body Massage

There is nothing more relaxing and sensual than an all over body massage performed by your partner.

UnknownYou have just had relaxing bath,and now, feeling warm and relaxed, allow your partner to gently massage a beautiful scented lotion into your skin – all over – slowly and gently.

Seductively French provide an entire range of luxurious, gentle and beautifully scented products that will awake your senses, triggering your sexual desire, leading to enjoyable, mutually satisfying sex.

Developed in France, these lotions deliver the best from the continent, their range of special body lotions are a cut above the rest, a luxurious lotion formulated with aloe, shea butter and green tea, that deeply moisturises and is quickly absorbed into your skin.

astral_b26ffc5b3b199e7ebdc6e0b097cd1f466101_tThe antioxidants in the formula help to regenerate your skin, while the beautiful scents of vanilla and lavender calm the mind and awake the inner ‘you’

Also available in Citrus Sorbet – another beautiful, slightly citrus scent

Available direct from the Seductively French Website, these bottles of pure Parisian Luxury costs just $38.00

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