Reduced Vaginal Tightness

Causes And Cures For Reduced Vaginal Tightness

vaginal tightness

One of the main causes of a decrease in sexual desire and enjoyment is a loss of tightness or sensitivity in the vagina.

But Why Does It Happen??

The Younger Woman

Childbirth puts the vagina under immense strain, the process of delivering a child stretches vaginal muscles to their maximum. following the birth the muscles in the vaginal wall can and do usually take time to revert back to their normal size and flexibility.

In some cases a woman can experience long term lack of muscle tightness after childbirth which can reduce her enjoyment of sex – sometimes for ever.

The Older Woman

As we start to get older, we approach and then go through the menopause, during this process our hormone levels alter, usually our natural levels of estrogen reduce along with other key elements that reduce the amount of lubrication produced in our vagina, this can also have a marked affect on the tightness and sensitivity of our vaginal walls.

With reduced sensation and a lack of firmness in vaginal muscle tone, our enjoyment of sexual intercourse can be drastically reduced.

Ways to Tighten Vaginal Muscle Walls

Exercises – there are some special exercises (known as Kegel exercises) that can be carried out on a daily basis. These have been shown to be highly effective at tightening both pelvic and vaginal muscles.

These are highly effective at increasing the enjoyment of sexual intercourse, they can also help to reduce other issues linked to poor muscle tone including incontinence.

More About Kegel Exercises

Vaginal Creams Or Gels – There are some highly effective creams and gels that have been formulated to help women with reduced muscle tone in the vagina, the best ones to use are 100% natural in their formulation.

When topically applied to the vaginal area, these help to encourage blood flow to the area, heightening sensation, boosting sexual response and helping to contract or tighten the vaginal walls.

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