Tefina – Viagra Nasal Spray

 A Nasal Spray That Could Enhance Orgasms

Women who are unable to achieve orgasm could soon be able to benefit from a new product being developed by researchers based in both Canada and tefinaAustralia.

The new product is called Tefina and it is being developed to help the 29% of all women who suffer from Anorgasmia, – the inability to reach orgasm.

Tefina is being formulated around the sexual enhancing properties of testosterone, this largely male hormone is actually present in women in smaller amounts and is responsible for helping the brain to send signals that boost blood flow to the vagina, triggering sexual response and sensation, ultimately helping to generate orgasms.

The planned dosage is two squirts up each nostril about 2 hours before any intended sexual activity, and it is believed that it will enhance sexual desire, sensations and will help many women experience their very first orgasms.

The Lead Scientist behind the research – Professor Susan Davis told us

“ We anticipate that the treatment will work like Viagra for women, Rather than being a long term approach, this drug can be used whenever a women anticipates sexual activity –
We have previously shown that women with low sexual interest could benefit from testosterone therapy to improve sexual desire and arousal – it can also improve the ability to reach orgasm”

UnknownIs Tefina Available To Buy

Currently, research is still continuing, and it could be some time (if at all) before Tefina becomes available to the masses. The recent catastrophic failure of Fliberansin (AKA Pink Viagra) despite many millions of $’s being spent on its development, still reverberates through the pharmaceutical industry.

Hersolution Gel

Until such times as Tefina or any similar product becomes available, users still have some highly effective products that are proven to improve female sexual responses, boosting sensations, desire and vaginal lubrication

One proven product is Hersolution Gel; a warm, velvety pink topically applied 411pSNPFVvL._AC_UL320_SR214,320_gel that when applied to the vagina and surrounding area, helps to boost blood flow, enhancing sensation and improving desire – helping women to achieve sexual enjoyment and ultimately – Powerful Orgasms

Hersolution Gel is a product that can easily be adapted to be used in enjoyable foreplay, many users have their partner apply it to add to the enjoyment.

Hersolution Gel is one female sexual enhancing product that actually delivers on its claims, millions of women( and their partners) recommend it wholeheartedly.

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