The Female Orgasm

Female Orgasms – The Facts

Reaching Orgasm (or climax) is the ultimate goal of sexual intercourse, but it may surprise many of us to know that women in particular do not manage to reach orgasm every time they have sex.

AEEHJ0 Woman s Hand Squeezing Bed Sheet

This could be due to several reasons including:

  • Inadequate Stimulation Or Foreplay
  • Partner Climaxes Too Early

Men and women are built differently (obviously) women have their main sensitive areas internally which can make it more difficult to reach climax.

Men often concentrate their efforts on stimulating the vaginal area, in particular the clitoris, believing that this is the key to their partners enjoyment.

Although the clitoris is the most sensitive part of the vaginal reason, spending time stimulating other erogenous zones can help to bring generate faster, more powerful orgasms.

Men also need to understand that sex and stimulation is not the same for women.

It is not just down to the physical side of things, it is also the mood or frame of mind that needs to be right with what is said and done before sex being the precurrsor to enjoyable intercourse and ultimately – enjoyable orgasms.

Men should concentrate on foreplay and stimulation rather than penetrating the vagina too early, sometimes it takes a while to prepare the women for intercourse.

Spending time heating up an intimate encounter can help a woman achieve greater and faster orgasms.

woman_ecstasyWomen reach orgasm through the stimulation of two highly sensitive regions, the first one being the clitoris, the second being the ‘G’ spot…

Often confused for the clitoris, this area is situated in the vaginal roof, about 2” in from the opening.

Studies have proved that it can take a woman at least 20 minutes to reach orgasm, men on the other hand take far less, 10-15 minutes being the norm – this is a key reason why many women fail to achieve orgasm.

Women are capable of achieving multiple orgasms, sometimes one after another, where as men need time to recover between their climaxes, something that increases as they get older.

Women can have different experiences with their orgasms,

Some do manage to achieve that ‘mind blowing – earth shattering experience’ while others simply enjoy a relaxing, calm experience following orgasm.

Of course, achieving orgasm is not the ‘be all and end all’ of having sex, many women enjoy the closeness and intimacy of sexual intercourse without ever reaching orgasm.